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The Department of Geological Sciences aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Earth and planetary materials and processes, train students who will excel in the geoscience workforce, and create sustainable solutions to Earth-related societal needs.

Geological research provides an understanding of issues associated with the physical Earth and skills which are in demand in today’s job market. Courses in geology provide the background for careers in geology, STEM teaching, public policy, and environmental risk assessment, among others. The geology graduate will have a detailed understanding of climate change, the sustainability of the Earth’s resources and the close interplay between human activity and the environment.



Graduate Program

Latest News

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  • Shifting Ground
  • Geology Student Broadens Horizons Aboard Research Vessel
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  • New Research Provides a Clearer View of the Moon’s History

Upcoming Events

  1. Dr. Nita Sahai

    August 6 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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